Solar Water Pond Pump

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AU25-210 Solar Water Pump
 . Material: Polysilicon
 . Solar Panel Size: 514x349x23 mm
 . Power: 25W
 . Pump Cable Length: 5m
 . Pump Outlet: Φ13mm
 . PumpSize: 127x58x60 mm
 . Max Pump Flow: 1400LPH

AU12 209 Solar Water Pump
 . Material: Polysilicon
 . Solar Panel Size: 405x255x23 mm
 . Power: 12W
 . Pump Cable Length: 5m
 . Pump Outlet: Φ13mm
 . PumpSize: 106x47x46 mm
 . Max Pump Flow: 680LPH

 1) For the application of pumping a small water feature, install the pump as per the instruction given by the relevant party.
 2) For the application of pumping a spray fountain, install the pump following the steps below: 
  a) Pick one of the 2 fountain nozzles and join it with a proper number of extension tubes. The nozzles available can produce 2 different spray patterns.
  b) Install the extension tube supported fountain nozzle onto the pump outlet with the help of the tube adapter.
  c) Fix the pump at the bottom of a small shallow pond or a feature pool etc. It is best to keep the pump off the pond base to avoid drawing the pond waste into the pump which will eventually develop into pump blockage. Use an underframe or similar to elevate the pump.
  d) To maximize the visible fountain spout length, the fountain head should be positioned just above the water surface by using the extension tubes as shown in the below figure. If these 4pcs of extension tubes are all used and the fountain head is still immerged in the water, please uplift the pump body somehow.
 3) The solar pump is now ready to work. Please make sure to keep the pump fully underwater, then electrically connect the pump to the solar panel and tighten the screw for water protection.

 1) Do not connect the pump to any AC power supply directly; it's ONLY for DC power.
 2) Operate the pump in water only (never above 40 C ),especially keep it away from flammable liquids.
 3) Do not let the pump run dry, make sure to keep the pump fully underwater while the pump is operating.
 4) Any altering of the product itself or changing of the components voids warranty. When water starts to freeze in winter, take the pump out of water and store it in a frost-free room. The water frozen may cause damage to the plastic parts.

* Clean the surface of the solar panel when necessary to keep it working at full performance.

. Free shipping areas: Send to Capital Cities, Major Cities and Major Regional Areas
 3000-3097, 3101-3138, 3140-3207, 3335-3340, 3427-3429, 3750-3753, 3765, 3787, 3800-3810, 3930, 3975-3976
. Please kindly note that the free postage areas exclude from these areas:
  Northern Territory, TAS, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional,  WA Regional, WA Remote, VIC Remote, VIC Regional, NSW Regional, NSW Remote, and other Rural place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karen Mcmillan

Amazing solar pump!

Stuart A
Pretty good

It works great when the sun is shining, not good if it's overcast. I was surprised with its flow on the sunny days, it was fantastic. It doesn't flow at all when overcast, seams to pulse with not enough power to work properly.

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